Driver Motorsport, LLC’s Warranty Outline:


Warranty Claims for ECU Replacement:

Driver Motorsport, LLC offers a limited warranty for your ECU Upgrade.  For the Mk6 GTI, this is an industry first. To be eligible for our warranty the following conditions have to be met. Bullet-ed items below are expressed requirements to satisfy any eligibility.

  • Driver Motorsport, LLC is the only party to ever modify the customer’s ECU.
  • The warranty claim is within 1 Calendar year of work being performed on ECU.
  • For our ‘no hassle’ warranty, the ECU must be shipped directly to Driver Motorsport, LLC and Driver Motorsport, LLC is the lone party that has ever modified the ECU receiving warranty work.
  • IF customer’s ECU was modified by one of our authorized distributors, our distributors are supplied information about our Standard Operating Procedure to provide a suitable ECU replacement. Driver Motorsport, LLC’s Authorized Distributors are only liable to follow our Standard Operating Procedure are liable under the same guidelines of Driver Motorsport, LLC.

Warranty Claims for Software Defect:

Driver Motorsport, LLC offers a lifetime warranty against software defects. This includes eligibility for free software updates if owner of ECU Upgrade is the original purchaser. Bullet-ed items below are expressed requirements to satisfy any eligibility.

  • Customer has the most recent software version from Driver Motorsport, LLC installed on their ECU. If not, customer is instructed to receive software update prior to submitting another claim for warranty work.
  • Customer must fill out ECU File Request form.
  • Customer must have all original monitoring equipment installed on their vehicle. This includes no ‘piggy backs’ and no modifications to any sensors (Ex: MAF).
  • Customer must work with their authorized distributor in an attempt to troubleshoot their current problems.
  • Remember, a software fix is not a proper solution to a hardware problem!

Warranty Claims for Programmer & Programmer related issues:

Driver Motorsport, LLC offers limited coverage with the Driver-Programmer.

  • Driver Motorsport, LLC is not responsible for any damages incurred during the usage of the Driver-Programmer that can be defined as user-error. Examples of this are removing the OBD cable from the OBDII socket of your vehicle during the write process. Not providing sufficient battery charge during the write process with the Driver-Programmer. Attempting to flash an ECU that has had it’s OEM software version changed, has had the immobilizer system defeated or any modifications to ECU outside of the data area.

*Warranty only valid within the United States*