Driver Motorsport’s New Online Home!

Volkswagen / Audi Tuning Specialist

Volkswagen / Audi Tuning Specialist

Our new website is here and brings forth the next chapter for Driver Motorsport, LLC.

Welcome to Driver Motorsport‘s new Blog. This is where new product releases will be announced, and where we will offer an inside look into Driver Motorsport and our growth as Volkswagen & Audi Tuning Specialist. As an enthusiast, I’ve always enjoyed looking at various blogs from other aftermarket automotive brands such as or I firmly believe it is the best way to connect with our customer base, and to bring in fresh and entertaining content. We’ll use this blog to speak about technical topics, relevant news to our industry (Volkswagen / Audi Developments) and to release new products. One of us will be able to respond to comments or field questions, most likely it will be my brother or myself. Now, onto the details of the website…

In our first year of business we’ve grown immensely, we’ve more than doubled in our Volkswagen / Audi Tuning offerings, and have developed an international distribution network. Over time it become more and more apparent we outgrew what our old website had to offer. With the development of this website, our primary goal was to improve the customer experience and follow through with various suggestions we’ve been given (see – Tech Support). It is also bringing many new dimensions to our online home, such as -

Blog – The personal favorite is the Driver Motorsport Blog.

Technical Support Page – We set out to improve our customer experience by developing a Technical Support Page that will host installation documents, software for the newer Programmer and gives the customer the ability to send us an email directly off of this page. We plan to add our Vag-Com logging suggestions to this page as well.

Distributor Locator – The Distributor Page has an updated list of our distributors and now includes our international distributor network. We have included an online map, making it easy to search for local support for Driver Motorsport‘s products.

Media – This is still under construction. We’re currently organizing all videos/photos to put into appropriate sections and use as an archive to look back at us attending events and releasing new content going forward.


Driver Motorsport‘s Product Releases -

With the new website also comes many new and exciting software releases. We recently purchased a 2013 B8.5 A4 that we have used to developed Stage 1 & 2 Software as well as K04 software that is currently in development. Our TTRS Software is something newly released, as well as our planned development into offering a Loba Motorsport Lo500 Calibration. We’re also releasing software for the ROW market as well, which includes 1.8TSI and 1.4TSI software. We’re now one of the few in the world to offer Volkswagen / Audi tuning for the 1.4TSI engine¬†found in Audi / Volkswagen vehicles Model Year 2013+.

- Bronson Dixon / CEO

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