Driver Motorsport’s B8 A4 K04 ECU Tuning Option Now Available!

Driver Motorsport is proud to present our B8 A4 K04 ECU Tuning Solution!

We found room in our busy development schedule for a re-visit of the B8 A4 platform. We were able to put the finishing touches on our B8 A4 K04 ECU Tuning Solution and provide updated file revisions for our original Stage 1 / 2 / 2+ calibrations.


We’ve already rolled this new software out for for testing with early adopters and thanks to our dealer in Malaysia we were able to verify this file produces the same results for our customers that we found in our internal testing. Mega Manic’s customer put up an impressive 307 horsepower & 420 Nm of torque at all 4 wheels! (Dyno Chart)


Dyno Charts


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