K04 Hybrid Turbo Software

The most elegant ECU Tuning option available.

Driver Motorsport‘s K04 Hybrid Turbo software is a complete solution. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Only a HPFP Upgrade is required, all other fueling components remain stock (Stock Injectors & Low Pressure Fuel Pump)
  • The ECU manages boost pressure and retains all OEM safeguards, no need for an external source of boost control (ex: Electronic Boost Controller).
  • All files are completely compatible with pump fuel, no need for Water/Methanol injection to reach our power figures.

Driver Motorsport‘s TTE420 & LO400 ECU files provide an easy upgrade path for any customer whose car has the typical Stage 2 bolt ons. They can simply bolt on an upgraded turbo, reflash their ECU and enjoy new found power.


turbos begin life as a Borg Warner K04-0064. This means reliability is unrivaled in the K04 hybrid arena. The compressor wheel is a larger upgraded billet unit in comparison to competitor options that provide an OEM sized cast wheel. To enhance power at redline, the turbine wheel is clipped per Loba Motorsport’s specifications. The modification of both of these wheels mean reduced back pressure, EGT , oil temperature and improved timing advance.

The LO400 Turbo also provides all genuine auxillary components such as the N75 valve, wastegate actuator and all other parts necessary to run this turbo. This allows consistency from unit to unit and hardware designed to last the life of your engine.

Calibration Details:

Both Driver Motorsport’s TTE420 & LO400 ECU file are only for use with the CDLx engines found in the Golf R, Audi S3, Audi TTS and Cupra R. These vehicles come equipped with an engine that has improvements to it’s fueling and rotating assembly that make it better equipped to support the additional airflow these turbos produce.


lo400 turbo

lo400 turbo

lo400 turbo

lo400 turbo


LO400 - 93 Octane

Golf R LO400 ECU Tune

LO400 High Output - 93 Octane

LO400 ECU Tuning

/*Results above from LO400, TTE420 Dyno results are still forthcoming*/



Recommended Hardware & Maintenance:

To ensure the optimum performance reliability, we recommend the following:

NGK PFR7Q Spark Plugs Gapped @ 0.028.

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