2.0TFSI (EA888 G2 Transverse)

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Audi Valve Lift + Quattro + Driver Motorsport Software = Win 

Using the engine’s untapped potential and Audi Valve-Lift Technology, Driver Motorsport was able to deliver massive torque increases that transitions into smooth power on the top end giving the driver more confidence behind the wheel. Driver Motorsport managed to improve fuel economy by increasing the volumetric efficiency of the engine during light acceleration and cruising conditions.

Driver Motorsport‘s ECU Software Upgrade is developed to operate within the safety margin of all engine related components. Driver Motorsport is offering performance without fear of degrading engine life or adverse conditions from improper engine calibration. Driver Motorsport offers the premier Audi TT Tuning solution to surpass the S-Line model TT-S in performance.

DMRDV3Through our experience with the B8 A4 and Audi’s Valve Lift technology, we began development on our Audi TT Tuning solution with a giant head start. While there are major hardware changes between the B8 A4 and and Audi TT, the same fundamental’s of camshaft phasing applied. This allowed us to obtain the large torque gains in the early midrange.

The Audi TT VL’s engine has major advances over the earlier 2.0T used in the previous Audi TT, other than the additional of Valve Lift the engine now runs on a speed-density system without a MAF sensor and a more advanced ECU.

During our Initial testing with a physical EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature Probe), it was quickly apparent this car was seriously limited by it’s stock exhaust system. The Stage 1 Software was developed within strict constraints of Borg Warner’s published maximum threshold for EGT. We accurately re-calibrated component protection to insure that at sustained wide open throttle our measured EGT can maintain a consistent temperature below all maximum EGT threshold.

Our Stage 2 software requires a 3.0″ aftermarket downpipe. With a performance downpipe installed, backpressure and EGT was greatly reduced and provided ample headroom to run the turbocharger harder and prescribe a leaner air/fuel ratio. Our Stage 2 Software is a large jump in power, with just a downpipe upgrade we managed to obtain an additional 34 Horsepower and 12 Torque measured at the wheels over Stage 1 Software.


audi tt tuning

audi tt tuning

audi tt tuning

audi tt tuning

Stage 1 - 93 Octane

Audi TT Tuning - Stage 1 93 Octane

Stage 2 - 93 Octane

Audi TT Tuning - Stage 2 93 Octane



To ensure the optimum performance reliability, we recommend the following:

NGK PFR7Q Spark Plugs Gapped @ 0.028.

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