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Driver Motorsport’s B8 A4 K04 ECU Tuning Option Now Available!

Driver Motorsport is proud to present our B8 A4 K04 ECU Tuning Solution!

We found room in our busy development schedule for a re-visit of the B8 A4 platform. We were able to put the finishing touches on our B8 A4 K04 ECU Tuning Solution and provide updated file revisions for our original Stage 1 / 2 / 2+ calibrations.


We’ve already rolled this new software out for for testing with early adopters and thanks to our dealer in Malaysia we were able to verify this file produces the same results for our customers that we found in our internal testing. Mega Manic’s customer put up an impressive 307 horsepower & 420 Nm of torque at all 4 wheels! (Dyno Chart)


Dyno Charts


Contact with all questions / sales inquiries!

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TTE420 ECU Tuning Development & LO400 File Updates!

Driver Motorsport is now in the process of TTE420 ECU Tuning Development!

TheTurboEngineers and their famed TTE420 has taken the VAG tuning scene by storm, creating a popular request from both our dealer network and customer base to provide a TTE420 ECU Tuning solution.



Thanks to our Australian dealer Dub Addiction, we were able to get first hand experience with the TTE420 Turbo. Using our vast experience with K04 hybrid turbochargers and the data we’ve collected from the TTE420 we can confidently state the TTE420 is the best option available. The TTE420 has shown to be capable of delivering more air flow, while producing less backpressure and lower exhaust gas temperatures than it’s competitors we’ve worked with. Due to this, Driver Motorsport‘s future development with uprated VAG turbochargers will be done with TheTurboEngineers products.


In the process of developing the TTE420 file, we revisited our original LO400 calibration and applied the new techniques to enhance power output and features (Results below). We will continue to offer support for Loba Motorsport products such as the LO400 turbo, however in the future our development resources will be shifted over to TheTurboEngineer’s product line. For existing customers, both the TTE420 and LO400 turbo require separate files and a re-flash, they are not interchangeable.

Dyno Charts

 *Note – Dyno shown above is representative only of the Lo400 turbo, TTE420 dyno results are still forthcoming. Based off of preliminary data we expect the TTE420 file to exceed the output of the Lo400.*



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