Volkswagen / Audi Tuning Specialist

Volkswagen / Audi Tuning Specialist


Here you will find answers to the questions we receive most frequently. We’re always happy to take customer’s input as to what they think would fit best on this page. This page and it’s contents are subject to be updates.

General FAQ:

If I buy Stage 1 Software how much it will it cost to move to Stage 2 or Stage 2+ Software? What about if I want to upgrade to K04 software?

Our software carries a 100% equity policy. This means if you purchase stock turbo software, all of the stock turbo stages are available to you. If you decide to upgrade to K04 software from stock turbo software, the customer is charged for the difference in cost.

Does Driver Motorsport Offer Frankenturbo (F23T) Software?

Through a Google search or through word of mouth, it can be seen we offered Frankenturbo software in the past. However, we do not currently offer Frankenturbo software. In the earlier days of Driver Motorsport, we offered Frankenturbo software and had a short stint of success. However, due to the nature of the turbo we were not able to keep up with the workload of providing custom software for each individual customer at K04 retail pricing. Because of this, we unfortunately made a business decision to halt software support.

We maintain a good relationship with Frankenturbo. We also wholeheartedly endorse Doug@Frankenturbo as providing excellent customer service and a stout turbo. Frankenturbo’s website can be seen here – www.frankenturbo.com

Does Driver Motorsport provide ‘Custom’ Software?

Purchase of Driver Motorsport Software through one of our authorized distributors or with a Programmer does not include customized software.

The ECUs found in these vehicles are in a completely different class in comparison to the Subaru / Mitsubishi tuner cars that require software changes after basic hardware upgrades. The Volkswagen / Audi Vehicles come from the factory with high end equipment and sensors (ex: Bosch wideband O2 sensors) with an impressive ECU to run it all. Majority of these cars can still run fine with half of it’s sensors unplugged (Don’t actually do this :-) ).

In some circumstances customized software will be available for beta testers prior to launch of a new ECU Upgrade. This is usually done through an authorized distributor so we can collect data for vehicles in different climates and with varying fuel quality. Depending on our current development schedule, or in the case of a marketing promotion customized software may be available for a fee. This fee can vary depending on the conditions.

Any hardware that requires or benefits from a change in software will be designated in ECU Upgrade Stages, there will be charts that breakdown hardware requirements per each ECU Upgrade Stage on the different product pages. If we require a vehicle for software customization, or there is an opportunity for this type of project it will be discussed directly with Driver Motorsport.


Driver Motorsport Software Feature FAQ:

What is ‘Cold Start Delete’?

Cold Start Delete is our way of removing what many consider a loud and obnoxious engine start up routine. We create this feature so that when you start your car at 6:00 AM it won’t roar in your driveway or garage with the sounds of various pumps and high idle speed. With our Cold Start Delete, when you start your car in the morning it will crank on and purr at ~800 rpm before settling down to it’s typical idle speed.

Many customers enjoy this feature, but come winter time we’ll frequently get request to have the feature removed. Contrary to what many would think, our Cold Start Delete feature does not negatively impact the ability for your vehicle to warm up. The main purpose of the OEM’s cold start strategy is primarily related to emissions. The OEM is given very strict guidelines, the primary function of the cold start routine is to heat the primary catalyst to an excess of 300-500* Celsius in 15-20 seconds or less. This means for a performance application with a performance high flow catalyst there’s unnecessary high idle speed, retarding ignition timing and manipulation of intake manifold runner flaps.

Also, customers with intake manifold software or Runner Flap Delete kits (RFD) must use Cold Start Delete for the vehicle to operate properly with Driver Motorsport Software.

What is the ‘Cat-Delete’ Feature?

Our Cat-Delete feature removes the fault code (P0420) that appears when a customer removes their stock downpipe for a performance downpipe. When the stock catalysts are replaced with either a high flow cat or a test pipe, the rear O2 sensor will do it’s job by detecting a change in catalyst performance and throw a Check Engine Light (CEL). Our Cat-Delete feature’s sole job is to remove the CEL caused when the P0420 fault code pops up.

For vehicles that are registered in states with regular emissions testing, the presence of Cat-Delete software will cause the vehicle to not set readiness and will subsequently fail emissions. On the flip side of the coin, if you do not have Cat-Delete software and you have a CEL related to the high flow catalysts / testpipe, the vehicle will fail emissions. we are not specialist in this topic. We hold no liability for your vehicle passing emissions. We simply offer the feature to have the CEL removed from your aftermarket downpipe. We cannot produce software with the Cat-Delete Feature active and forces emissions readiness. This is highly illegal and carries very large fines. The Cat-Delete feature is designated for off-road use only. 


Programmer Related FAQ:

If I purchase a Programmer, how many tuned files will I receive?

When purchasing a Programmer, you are eligible for a total of 4 tuned files + the stock file that will be saved in the Programmer. When upgrading software, you will be eligible once again for 4 tuned files + the stock file.

Can I reuse the Programmer on cars other than mine?

Your Programmer is locked to your ECU & VIN Number. All of the programmers are meant to be used by 1 customer only. Your Programmer will not operate unless it recognizes the specific details of your ECU, such as VIN# and immobilizer data. The only event the Programmer can be re-used is if and only if you flash your car to stock and then afterward erase the contents of the Programmer.

Why do I have to have stock software on my ecu before using the programmer? You can’t flash over competitor software?

To prevent software piracy and ensure the Programmers are used for 1 customer, the Programmer must be locked to 1 ECU. For the Programmer to ‘lock’ itself to your ECU it must be able to read the ECU’s data (VIN# and immobilizer). As a security measure, many of the companies that offer ECU Software Upgrades will prevent data to be read out of the OBDII port of your vehicle. This it to discourage competing tuners from looking at the changes they made to the customer’s ECU. When the ability to read data from the OBDII port is blocked, the Programmer cannot read the ECU and begin it’s process. In these cases, flashing to stock software will remove the competitor software and allow the Programmer to work as intended.

We do not grant full refunds in the case a customer purchases our software and a Programmer and finds out they  currently do not have stock software on their ECU. In this instances, we will accept a return if the customer pays return shipping and a 30% restocking fee.

My Programmer is unusable, I erased it before flashing to stock how much is a new programmer?

The cost to replace a Programmer is $260.00 USD. While the Programmer upgrade cost may be less than this amount, this is because we have purchased our Programmers in bulk and we’re able to eat some of the cost with the initial software purchase. When a replacement Programmer is necessary, it does not receive a bulk discount and we’re not able to pass off any of the price of the item into the initial purchase.

Is the Programmer required? Am I better off purchasing the Programmer?

The #1 way to purchase Driver Motorsport Software is through an Authorized Distributor. Purchasing through a Distributor benefits the customer by saving on the product because there is no cost of Programmer hardware rolled into the price. When dealing with a Distributor, the customer is able to receive support from Audi / Volkswagen specialist that are able to perform the ECU Software Upgrade as well as hardware upgrades or maintenance work.  On average, the customer will receive faster / more prompt service through a Distributor and is able to work in-person. When purchasing a Programmer, the purchase is direct through Driver Motorsport and depending on workload, file service can have lead times from 24-48 hours. The Programmer’s purpose is to provide customers who are not local to an Authorized Distributor to receive Driver Motorsport Software.

The Programmers are made by Alientech Srl. They’re licensed and sold to tuners and sold by the thousands. They’re a tried and true product that brings excellent reliability if the proper procedure is followed.

However, to provide superior support and reduce costs for the consumer, we are moving away from 3rd party ECU Flash Tools. We are currently in the process of developing our in-house ECU Flash tools, when these are ready the Driver Motorsport OBD Flash Cables will replace the Programmer as a means for customers who are not local to an Authorized Distributor to purchase our software. ALL customers who purchased Programmers will continue to receive support. All of our customers are documented via VIN# and Contact Info.