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Driver Motorsport, LLC presents our DSG Tuning Solution for the DQ250 Transmission. During development, we threw away all popular notions about DSG Tuning and competitors programs and started from scratch. We’ve introduced new calibration strategies for extreme oil temperatures, we have mastered how to appropriately increase the torque capacity of the DSG transmission, we have optimized shift points in each gear for maximum acceleration and unlike our competitors we’ve synced up our DSG software precisely with our ECU software so that each ECU calibration, has matching DSG Tuning Software. This means we are the best option available for your DSG Tuning requirements.

DMRDV3When you purchase your DSG equipped vehicle, your DSG’s TCU (Transmission Control Unit) is precisely matched to your engine’s behavior. In the most simplest terms, there are 3 things that a torque request must pass through before torque reaches the pavement.

  1. The Driver requests torque by depressing the accelerator pedal.
  2. The ECU recognizes the Driver’s requests and processes this data. Then based off of variables related to engine output a modeled a torque figure is achieved.
  3. The TCU receives the ECU’s data over the CANBUS. The TCU takes this data and determines the amount of clamping force needed to prevent clutch slip based off of the supplied torque from the ECU. The TCU determines the required electrical current (Amperes) and the required pressure (Bar) needed from the system to process the clamping pressure. Based off of modeled torque and engine speed, a setpoint for shift speed is calculated. From the data collected from the ECU, the TCU determines a target shift point based off of the Driver’s requests.

When you receive your vehicle from the factory, the OEM calibrators have put work into achieving a perfect harmony in this 3 step process. The ECU’s modeled torque accurately matches up with the TCU’s targets for clamping pressure, shift points and gear shift speed. After a customer receives an aftermarket ECU calibration on their DSG equipped vehicle, this is no longer the case due to the TCU’s programmed torque limit(s). There are numerous ways to bypass torque intervention from the TCU, some are worse than others but even the best methods to remove this limitation are not optimal.

Common issues that arise when ECU software doesn’t properly bypass the TCU’s torque limit(s) are awkward gear changes, false neutrals at low speed, clutch slip and gear changes that take place at inopportune engine speeds.

Our software was engineered to insure that the communication from the Driver -> ECU -> TCU has more refinement than your OEM. It is important that when you increase the performance of your engine by more than 50% that you recalibrate your DSG to suit this drastic change. With our software, we will improve the performance and longevity of your DSG without compromise.


DSG Tuning Features

  • Torque Limit Increase 
  • Rev-Limit increased up to 7,100 rpm with matching Driver Motorsport ECU Software
  • Kick-Down Switch Removed in ‘M’ Mode
  • Automatic UpShift in ‘M’ Mode removed
  • Launch Control Re-Calibration; more aggressive launch rpm on 4wd vehicles.



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