Audi S3 ECU Tuning Solution

audi s3 ecu tune

Driver Motorsport, LLC has developed the best Audi S3 ECU Tuning option available. The Audi S3 Stage 1 ECU Upgrade produces peak gains as high as 72 Horsepower & 90 Torque measured at the wheels, Driver Motorsport‘s Audi S3 software will transform your Audi’s performance, placing it in a new league of performance.

Taking advantage of the engine’s untapped potential, Driver Motorsport was able to deliver big low end torque increases that turn into smooth power increases on the top end giving the driver more confidence behind the wheel.  The Audi S3 ECU Upgrade Enhances fuel economy by increasing efficiency of the engine during light acceleration and cruising conditions.

All adjustments made to the ECU are made within the safety margins of all engine components. Through long term testing we can offer huge performance without the bad trade offs.



Driver Motorsport‘s business ethos was applied to the 2.0 TSI Gen 3 product development. Emphasis on engineering principles and proper product development held number one priority. From the beginning, we decided on the approach of being the best as opposed to being the first. This mindset led an 8 month development process to make the ultimate Audi S3 ECU Tuning option.

golf r ecu tune


Driver Motorsport‘s competitive advantage is innovation and a very thorough approach to software development. This lead to the most advanced Audi S3 ECU Tuning solution on the market. Instead of simply changing maps related to boost pressure / timing / fuel, we investigate the relationship these maps have with the system and how they effect the dynamics of the ECU. Because of this, our development will be a longer process but ultimately will produce a more complete product.

The Audi S3 ECU Tuning solution was tested for a period of 8 months in different climates and conditions. By studying the new engineering involved on the latest generation of engines (VVT, Valve-Lift, Integrated exhaust manifold) we’ve unlocked more power than what would of been available on engines found on previous generations of Audi / Volkswagen vehicles. Our software spools the turbo faster, improves throttle response, acceleration and produces more top end power through these advancements.

Our development has lead to the breakthroughs listed below:

  • Fuel Octane Quality Adaptation  
  • Fueling System Enhancements for upgraded turbo applications made available through software (MPI Injector Upgrades / MPI Injector Add-on / HPFP Upgrades)
  • Flex Fuel Software automatically detecting E85 content and adjusting accordingly.
  • Optimization of the engine’s new cylinder head and thermomanagement system

Our new features produce more possibilities to the customer. Our adaptive fuel quality feature is a fully adjustable learning mechanism to detect the fuel quality of your vehicle. What does this mean? The Audi S3 ECU Tune is capable of auto-adapting between 91 / 93 octane and even take advantage of a Water / Methanol System!

For future engine builds using a larger turbo or FlexFuel, we’re capable of providing software support for fueling upgrades. We’ve carefully tested the limits of the stock fueling system and selected the most efficient means of increasing fueling headroom. Our research has shown that the fueling system on the Mk7 Golf R / S3 is more capable than previous generations and also has the capability of more aftermarket hardware support!

Stage 1 - 93 Octane

audi s3 ecu tuning stage 1

Stage 2 - 93 Octane

audi s3 ecu tuning

audi s3 pbox times

audi s3 ecu tuning

audi s3 ecu tuning

For the best performance using our Stage 2 Software , we recommend an aftermarket downpipe with a high-flow cat moved further downstream than the stock location. Doing this greatly reduces back pressure and temperatures in the engine bay.

audi s3 ecu tuning

audi s3 ecu tuning

Note -  Currently this software is only available to the Audi S3 / Mk7 Golf R outside of the USA. The following ECU part numbers are supported with our Stage 1 Software