Audi B8 S4 ECU Upgrade

Driver Motorsport, LLC has developed the best ECU Software Upgrade available Audi B8 S4. With peak gains as high as 55 Horsepower & 40 Torque measured at all 4 wheels, Driver Motorsport‘s Audi B8 S4 software will put your Audi’s performance in a new class of performance vehicles.

Utilizing the engine’s untapped potential, Driver Motorsport was able to deliver huge low end torque increases that turn into smooth power increases on the top end. Ultimately giving the driver more confidence behind the wheel. Driver Motorsport managed to improve fuel economy by increasing the volumetric efficiency of the engine during light acceleration and cruising conditions.

Driver Motorsport‘s ECU Software Upgrade is developed to operate within the safety margin of all engine related components. Driver Motorsport is offering performance without fear of bad consequences from improper engine calibration. Through extensive long term testing on our in-house Audi B8 S4 we can state confidently the customer can achieve massive performance gains without negative trade offs.



Driver Motorsport‘s business ethos was applied to the 3.0 TFSI product development. Emphasis on engineering principles and proper product development held number one priority. Throughout the 7 month development period we’ve taken time to completely comprehend the logic of the Continental SIMOS 8 engine management. 3.0 TFSI found in the B8 S4 is a unique power plant with it’s roots style supercharger, it’s modern Continental SIMOS engine management and high revving capabilities. This platform’s great starting point allowed us to deliver an even better product.



Our thorough approach to software development allowed us to utilize techniques to enhance power output and drivability that haven’t been used previously. Instead of simply changing maps related to boost pressure / timing / fuel, we investigate the relationship these maps have with the system and how they have an effect in the ECU’s torque model / air flow models. Because of this, our development will typically be a longer process but ultimately delivers a more complete product. This approach allows us to retain all OEM logic, improve efficiency, driving characteristics and ultimately power output.

With the B8 S4 ECU Upgrade, we were able to improve upon many aspects such as the part throttle performance of the vehicle. With our thorough understanding of the ECU’s intake manifold model and the inverse relationship between the throttle blade and recirculation flap we were able to improve the engine’s transition from Non-Charged Mode -> Charged Mode.  This modification also improves fuel efficiency in certain conditions by reducing pumping losses.

Our B8 S4 ECU Upgrade features a re-calibrated intercooler circuit. This improves the performance engine’s performance by reducing charge air pressure. This enhancement allowed us to pick up power on the dyno through timing advance and improve the engine’s endurance in racing scenarios. In addition to increasing the performance of the engine’s intercooler, all compensation related to intake air temperature were modified to reflect the power increases of the engine and safeguard the customer’s engine.


audi b8 a4 ecu tuning

audi b8 a4 ecu tuning

audi b8 a4 ecu tuning

audi b8 a4 ecu tuning

Stage 1 - 93 Octane

Stage 1 - 91 Octane

To ensure the optimum performance reliability, we recommend the following:

OEM NGK PFR6W-T Spark Plugs 


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**Note - A Stage 2+ file will be offered in the future with a standard upgrade pulley size please contact **


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