Audi B8 A4 K04 ECU Upgrade

Driver Motorsport, LLC is happy to announce the release of our Audi B8 A4 K04 ECU Upgrade! With peak gains as high as 109 HP & 83 TQ Driver Motorsport‘s Audi B8 / B8.5 A4 software will put your Audi’s performance in the same realm as the S-Line vehicles.

Utilizing the engine’s untapped potential and Audi Valve Lift Technology, Driver Motorsport was able to deliver huge low end torque increases that turn into smooth power increases on the top end. Ultimately giving the driver more confidence behind the wheel. Driver Motorsport managed to improve fuel economy by increasing the volumetric efficiency of the engine during light acceleration and cruising conditions.

Driver Motorsport‘s ECU Software Upgrade is developed to operate within the safety margin of all engine related components. Driver Motorsport is offering performance without fear of bad consequences from improper engine calibration. Through extensive long term testing on our in-house Audi B8.5 A4 we can state confidently the customer can achieve massive performance gains without negative trade offs.

We put all our efforts into producing the most advanced B8 A4 K04 ECU Upgrade and our results back it up. We dedicated significant engineering resources and followed rigorous testing standards.

The purchase of our 2013 Audi B8.5 A4 was the beginning of our product development. Shortly after getting the A4, we recognized the glaring flaw of the car was it’s disproportional lack of power in stock form in contrast to the S-Line models. After a quick look at the available software on the market we found a limited and weak range of options for K04 software. Driver Motorsport seized this opportunity.

Reliability Testing:

With any of our ECU Software Calibrations, the lengthiest part of development takes place in long term reliability testing. We had a physical exhaust gas temperature (EGT) probe installed on our in-house A4 to monitor temperatures. We have precisely dialed in the optimal air/fuel ratio as well as re-calibrated the ‘Component Protection’ of this ECU. Component Protection is designed to allow the air/fuel ratio to richen up once EGT reaches the manufacturer’s max threshold. Utilizing these safeguards are crucial in safeguarding the engine components long term.

We have re-calibrated the protocol the ECU takes when intake air temperature (IAT) gets too hot. To avoid detonation and ensure our file is safe in the most extreme conditions, we calibrate the timing advance and load request to be dynamic to IAT.

The ECU found in the Audi B8.5 A4 / A5 is the newest generation of Bosch’s MED17 ECU. The ECU has many additions to allow alternative fuel(s) and more sophisticated tuning protection security. This additional content makes it more complex to develop an ECU Calibration, Driver Motorsport welcomes this challenge.


audi b8 a4 ecu tuning

audi b8 a4 ecu tuning

audi b8 a4 ecu tuning

audi b8 a4 ecu tuning

K04 - 93 Octane

B8 A4 K04 93 Octane

K04 - 93 Octane; Low Output

B8 A4 K04 93 Octane Tiptronic

K04 - 91 Octane

B8 A4 K04 91 Octane


To ensure the optimum performance reliability, we recommend the following:

NGK PFR7Q Spark Plugs Gapped @ 0.028.

/*NOTE – We offer a ‘Low Torque’ option for vehicles equipped with the TipTronic Tranmission*/

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