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Audi & Volkswagen Tuning Specialist

Audi & Volkswagen Tuning Specialist


Prior to the inception of Driver Motorsport, LLC the founder of the business (Bronson) was offering custom tailored Volkswagen Tuning solutions for local clients and close friends to make due with his household’s current financial situation. Based off of the success of these customers, word spread quickly and within no time customers were abundant. With Bronson receiving help from family & friends Driver Motorsport, LLC was born. Beginning in August of 2013, the website www.drivermotorsport.com was hosted publicly and Driver Motorsport, LLC‘s official Facebook page was created.

Driver Motorsport, LLC was founded based off of Volkswagen Tuning options available for the 2.0T FSI. With much time and work all of the initial offerings were created with Bronson’s Volkswagen Mk5 GTI. All business operations were primarily done from Bronson’s laptop. In the very beginning Driver Motorsport, LLC was a sole proprietorship completely managed by Bronson out of his home.

In the short amount of time since then Driver Motorsport, LLC is beginning construction on a new facility, purchased their own Dynapack dynamometer, purchased a new B8.5 Audi A4 & Mk6 GTI for Audi / Volkswagen Tuning development, expanded distribution network outside of the US and now has representatives globally in Asia, Australia & European Countries. In addition to the original 2.0T FSI software offerings Driver Motorsport, LLC now offers Audi / Volkswagen Tuning solutions for 2.0T TSI, 2.0T TSI ValveLift, 2.0T TSI ValveLift/FlexFuel engines. For ROW (Rest Of World) vehicles 1.4TSI, 1.8TSI software has been added to the product portfolio. We now carry a full line up of DSG/S-Tronic software for the DQ250 transmission to complement our Audi / Volkswagen Tuning product portfolio. Going forward in 2014, for both US & ROW customers, 4.0TFSI software is currently in development and development for the new ECU in the MQB Chassis that Volkswagen/Audi introduced for their 2015 Model Year line up is up next.

Driver Motorsport, LLC started off as most business’s do. A simple idea from the founder of Driver Motorsport. In many ways, the Audi / Volkswagen Tuning industry is behind the curve. This is largely attributed to lack of legitimate competition paired with complacency from the industry’s biggest tuners. Driver Motorsport was developed based off of bringing legitimate Engine Calibration backed by a complete understanding of physics. While there are very worthy competitors offering top tier ECU calibrations, majority of the offerings that are purchased by the customer that are simply not worth what they are spending. This isn’t excluding very well known brands. In many cases if a customer was aware of what they were purchasing they would not allow this type of product to run their engine. Due to this, Driver Motorsport, LLC has had very rapid growth in a short amount of time and has become the market’s best Audi / Volkswagen Tuning Specialist.

Who we are:

Driver Motorsport, LLC entered the Audi / Volkswagen Tuning arena in August of 2013. Our first year has been filled with innovation, accomplishments and growth. We have taken our industry by storm and made it a point to compete with the best to ensure we continually strive to produce the best product possible for our customer base.

Customer Reviews:

Without our customer base, nothing we’ve accomplished would’ve been possible. Our strong business ethics and customer care possibilities have benefited us greatly. Not to mention, our software is rather good. Here is what our customers have shared [Hyperlink to Reviews].

Industry Firsts:

In our first year of business we have created a lot of headlines with our industry firsts. Most notably we have produced the following innovations:

  • First to offer a K04 calibration that utilizes the Golf R map sensor as standard equipment. This gives us further control so we can be the industry leader in power output.
  • First to control boost pressure greater than 2.55 bar of absolute pressure on the 2.0T TSI utilizing the stock map sensor.
  • We’ve gone further than our competition with Direct Injection. This allows us to offer 2.0T FSI K04 software with nothing but a HPFP upgrade unlike competitors that require injector upgrades.
  • We became the first Audi / Volkswagen tuning company to offer E85 calibrations for VAG 2.0T.
  • We offer RFD software (Intake Manifold Runner Flap Delete) for the TSI. Very few have done this. We differ by going much further in-depth by deleting all functions related to cold start. We’ll be capable of supporting our customers with intake manifold upgrades.
  • To the best of our knowledge, we are the only Audi / Volkswagen tuning company creating a turn-key calibration for the Loba L0400 using full ECU control using stock Golf R injectors. Others offer this calibration but they require a EBC/MBC, WMI and RS4 injectors for their software.
  • To the best of our knowledge, we are the only Audi / Volkswagen  Tuning company creating a standard and publicly available calibration for the Golf R GTX3071R (w/ external wastegate) that uses stock injectors, OEM N75 and a properly rescaled 3.0″ MAF housing. There are competitors who have made a GTX3071R tune but most are using an EBC, RS4 injectors and running MAFless.

Going Forward:

We will continue our success by retaining our business ethics and customer support. As time goes on, new tech support documents will be added to this website. We’ll be enhancing our organization for various customer inquiries. Most importantly, we will put our resources into improving our support for the customer and creating a product that they have come to expect from Driver Motorsport, LLC.