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Driver Motorsport, LLC is proud to present software for the Audi TTRS & Audi RS3 2.5TFSI! After a long research process that took place around the globe via our international distributor network, we’re extremely confident in the performance and reliability of our software.

Anybody that has had the privilege to get behind the wheel of an Audi powered by the 2.5TFSI will attest to this being a special platform. Filled with nostalgia stemming from Audi’s historic success with the 5-Cylinder platform, it’s unique exhaust note and impressive lightweight chassis this vehicle is the pinnacle of modern engineering. Driver Motorsport improved the already impressive performance of this vehicle and managed to do so without compromise. With Horsepower and Torque increases peaking as high as 55 Horsepower & 79 Ft-Lb of Torque measured at the wheels, Our TTRS ECU Tuning Solution transforms your Audi and responsibly takes advantage of the extra power Audi left in the 2.5TFSI.

Development for our TTRS ECU Tuning Software posed many challenges, while the Bosch MED9 ECU that runs this vehicle is something we’re extremely familiar with, the 2.5TFSI engine is a very unique power plant. Through our research we were able to identify and conquer the potential issues that could stand in the way of our ultimate goal to build a reliable product that creates horsepower and torque in the top of it’s class.

Through testing on the ROW (Rest Of World) TTRS/RS3, we were managed to accurately monitor EGTs (Exhaust Gas Temperatures) with it’s factory installed EGT Probe. To insure bulletproof reliability, we re-calibrated all factory component protection to maintain longevity of the vehicle’s turbo and other critical engine components. Multiple high load sweeps were performed to calibrate the 2.5TFSI’s optimal air/fuel ratio.

The 2.5TFSI also comes equipped with variable valve timing on both the intake and exhaust camshaft. For a talented and experienced calibrator, this can lead to massive horsepower and torque gains by optimizing the volumetric efficiency of the engine. Power increases achieved through cam phasing are optimal opposed to running leaner than necessary or running the turbocharger harder.


ttrs ecu tuning

ttrs ecu tuning

ttrs ecu tuning

ttrs ecu tuning

Stage 1 93 Octane

RS3 / TTRS ECU Tuning - Stage 1 93 Octane

Stage 2 93 Octane

RS3 / TTRS ECU Tuning - Stage 2 93 Octane

Hardware Requirements - TTRS ECU Tuning

To ensure the optimum performance reliability, we recommend the following:

Denso IKH24 gapped @ 0.024
Oil Change Intervals @ Equal to or less than 5,000 miles.

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