A3 / TT / Mk6 GTI ECU Upgrade (EA888)

Driver Motorsport presents 2.0TFSI EA888 Software!

One of Volkswagen / Audi’s most popular modern engines, we purchased our in-house Mk6 GTI with lofty goals. We achieved peak power gains as high as 68 Horsepower and 107 Ft-Lb of Torque measured at the wheels. Driver Motorsport‘s software will place your vehicle’s performance in the same realm as the R & S-Line vehicles.

Utilizing the engine’s untapped potential, Driver Motorsport was able to deliver massive torque increases that turn into smooth top end power giving the driver more confidence behind the wheel. Driver Motorsport improved fuel economy by increasing the efficiency of the engine during light acceleration and cruising conditions.

Driver Motorsport‘s ECU Software Upgrade is developed to operate within the safety margin of all engine components. Driver Motorsport is offering performance without fear of adverse conditions from poor engine calibration. Through extensive long-term testing on our in-house Mk6 GTI we’re able to offer massive performance gains without any trade offs.


The engine powering the Mk6 GTI ECU Upgrade is the successor of the EA113 found in Volkswagen / Audi vehicles. it also is the introduction to Bosch’s most complex ECU, the MED17. The 2.0TFSI EA888 features a bunch of upgrades, such as the cylinder head, fueling system, rotating assembly and a friendlier static compression ratio.

The OEM advancements allows Driver Motorsport to offer a more advanced product. The increased efficiency of the engine allowed us to produce a legitimate 2-3 mpg increase in fuel efficiency. This is a greater increase in fuel economy than we were able to deliver on the older engine generations. Through the advanced MED17 ECU, a great driving experience was created. The MED17 ECU has the most advanced torque model in any modern ECU. Through our understanding of the torque model, we offer a more precise and aggressive driving experience. Our Mk6 GTI ECU Upgrade delivers a more track oriented linear throttle. Small changes to torque management were introduced in 1st and 2nd gear for improved acceleration.


mk6 gti ecu upgrade

mk6 gti ecu upgrade

mk6 gti ecu upgrade

mk6 gti ecu upgrade


Stage 1 - 93 Octane

Mk6 GTI ECU Upgrade - Stage 1 93 Octane

Stage 2 - 93 Octane

Mk6 GTI ECU Upgrade - Stage 2 93 Octane

Stage 2+ - 93 Octane

Mk6 GTI ECU Upgrade - Stage 2+ 93 Octane


MK6 GTI ECU Upgrade Chart

For optimal performance, we recommend the following:

NGK PFR7B Spark Plugs Gapped @ 0.028.



mk6 gti ecu upgrade


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