2.0TFSI (EA113)

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The Volkswagen/Audi platform where everything started for Driver Motorsport, LLC. 

Driver Motorsport‘s Audi A3 Tuning experience and expertise allows us to confidently provide an ECU Software Upgrade that brings in gains of 37 Horsepower and 84 ft-lb of torque measured at the wheels. Driver Motorsport was able to deliver massive torque increases that transition into smooth top end power giving the driver more confidence. Driver Motorsport improves fuel economy by increasing the efficiency of the engine during light acceleration and cruising conditions.

Driver Motorsport offers Audi A3 Tuning ECU Upgrades for vehicles with completely stock hardware, bolt-on hardware upgrades, K04 Turbo and Big Turbo upgrades. We’ve invested heavily into this platform, and our product quality show it.

DMRDV3The Audi A3 platform marks a change in era for the Audi brand. It was the start of Direct Injection which brought many technological advances and was a large leap forward for Audi. This was also a big step for Driver Motorsport, our first file sold was a 2.0TFSI Tuning Solution for the stock turbo.

We took our first in-house vehicle and developed software for each level of hardware. By doing this we got the opportunity to put real world miles to quantify all of our adjustments to engine calibration. We have extensive data on the limits of the stock high pressure fuel pump (HPFP) with our in-house vehicle and ECU logging equipment. We managed to go further than industry standard by calibrating periphery components to the OEM HPFP. Through this, we were able to determine a mass air flow setpoint we deemed safe based off of the OEM HPFP’s limits.

For our Stage 2+ file, we then focused on developing the safest methods to extract as much fueling headroom from the 2.0TFSI’s fueling system without reducing component life. We have accurately measured the dimensions of the most popular upgraded HPFP to ensure control of the system’s fuel rail pressure is as accurate as it was off of the showroom. With fueling headroom through the upgraded HPFP, time was spent optimizing ignition timing, air/fuel ratio and cam phasing.


audi a3 tuning

audi a3 tuning

audi a3 tuning

audi a3 tuning


Stage 1/2 - 93 Octane

Audi A3 Tuning - Stage 1/2 93 Octane

Stage 2+ - 93 Octane

Audi A3 Tuning - Stage 2+ 93 Octane


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To ensure the optimum performance reliability, we recommend the following:

NGK PFR7B Spark Plugs Gapped @ 0.028.

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