2.0T FSI (EA113) - K04

The ECU Calibration that gave Driver Motorsport, LLC it’s reputation.

Driver Motorsport‘s experience and expertise with the 2.0TFSI EA113 and Bosch MED9 Engine Management System allows us to confidently provide an ECU Software Upgrade that brings in gains of 37 Horsepower and 84 ft-lb of torque measured at the wheels by adding nothing but software. Driver Motorsport was able to deliver massive low end torque increases that transitions into smooth power increases on the top end giving the driver more confidence behind the wheel. Driver Motorsport also managed to improve fuel economy by increasing the volumetric efficiency of the engine during light acceleration and cruising conditions.

Driver Motorsport offers ECU Software Upgrades for vehicles with completely stock hardware, bolt-on hardware upgrades, K04 Turbo, Hybrid K04 Turbo and Big Turbo upgrades. We’ve invested heavily into this platform, and the quality of our product reflects it.

DMRDV3Many enhancements were made to the K04+ calibration that gives Driver Motorsport the competitive edge. With our depth of knowledge & experience with the Bosch MED9.1 ECU we can take things further than what is available by our competitor’s. We have implemented coding changes to allow the MED9.1 ECU to work outside of it’s intended scope from the factory. With the required Bosch 3-Bar Map sensor[hyperlink] boost control is precise. Instead of having to work with a 2.55 bar absolute pressure limit, we’re now capable of working up to 3.1 bar. Without the Bosch 3-Bar Map sensor the ECU is forced to work with a limit of 2.55 bar absolute pressure, any boost pressure made past this point is ‘blind’ to the ECU. Meaning, the actual boost pressure could be 2.8 bar of absolute pressure but the ECU interprets this as 2.55 bar of pressure. This means that any safety measures meant to prevent over boost are useless as the ECU does not have the ability to recognize the actual boost pressure and this can lead to potentially harmful side effects. Further, Without the ability to see past 2.55 bar the ECU’s boost pressure control will also lose a lot of effectiveness in preventing boost pressure overshoot.

Outside of boost pressure, Driver Motorsport‘s K04+ calibration increases the Volumetric Efficiency of the engine. This is done by careful testing performed on a Dynapack to measure the engine’s optimal target parameters. Testing is performed on the road after initial dyno calibration. Road Testing is performed to enhance the ECU’s boost control for transient response, allow increased fuel efficiency through increased ignition advance and a more responsive accelerator pedal.


All of our files are tested through our worldwide distribution network. While we are market leaders in performance, this does not mean we are unnecessarily aggressive or unsafe with your vehicle. We have retained all OEM safety compensation data. We have re-calibrated compensational data in regards to ignition advance, boost pressure and target air/fuel ratio to be more accurate than OEM with the given hardware. The MED9.1 ECU, while it is very capable and can make up for various ambient conditions it is also calibrated from the factory to work with your 200 bhp 2.0T FSI that is equipped with the stock turbo. We felt it was absolutely critical to re-calibrate various compensation data to reflect the increased power and strain on the engine from the more aggressive calibration and larger K04 turbo. The K04+ calibration has crucial data collection from 4 different continents. This means we were able to show the K04+ calibration’s performance in conditions above and below Sea Level and in temperatures ranging from below 0* Fahrenheit to greater than 110* Fahrenheit.

The K04+ Calibration is Motorsport Proven. We have paved the way for a Mk5 GTI that is competitively RoadRaced in X tournament. This allows us to collect EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) data that is critical to your engine & turbo’s health. This means our software is tested in the most extreme elements under extreme load for X amount of time. This means you can enjoy your K04+ software on your daily commute to work and slap some different tires on and head to the racetrack on the weekend. Per request, Driver Motorsport is willing to create alteration’s to the K04+ software specific to your vehicle’s specific class and requirements.






K04 - 93 Octane

2.0TFSI EA113 K04 - 93 Octane

K04 - 91 Octane

2.0TFSI EA113 K04 - 91 Octane



To ensure the optimum performance reliability, we recommend the following:

NGK PFR7B Spark Plugs Gapped @ 0.028.

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**Note – If you’re interested in purchasing a Programmer to receive our ECU Upgrade and you meet the following 2 requirements;

  1. Not Within Driving Distance of an Authorized Distributor
  2. Have a vehicle that is eligible for the Programmer

please contact sales@drivermotorsport.com **


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