1.4TSI (EA211)

1.4TSI Software
Driver Motorsport, LLC is happy to present our 1.4TSI software for the CFBA & CAXA Engine Codes!

We took Volkswagen’s small displacement engine filled with an assortment of engineering achievements and safely increased it’s power output to match the larger displacement 1.8TSI. Driver Motorsport was able to deliver massive low end torque increases that transitions into smooth power increases on the top end that gives the driver more confidence behind the wheel. Driver Motorsport managed to improve fuel economy by increasing the volumetric efficiency of the engine during light acceleration and cruising conditions. Driver Motorsport‘s ECU Software Upgrade is developed to operate within the safety margin of all engine related components. Through extensive long-term testing Driver Motorsport has determined we’re offering performance without fear of degrading engine life or adverse conditions from improper engine calibration.

The 1.4TSI is far superior in both torque delivery and technological advancement over the 2.5 Liter 5 Cylinder found in the base Volkswagen cars in the United States. The 1.4TSI is a very common engine outside of the United States and because of this ‘remaps’ are popular for this engine and it’s various platforms.

Before beginning development we researched the aftermarket community as well as the normal upgrade path for anybody modifying their 1.4TSI. The aftermarket for the 1.4TSI is limited in comparison to the options for the 2.0T. The limited amount of hardware options available and the sophisticated MED17.5.20 ECU in the 1.4TSI means that majority of the market will is limited to Stage 1 software. A well engineered solution that meets Tier 1 OEM reliability is the answer and Driver Motorsport, LLC is providing it.


The key to any proper engine calibration begins with a fundamentally sound understanding of the engine itself. The goal of an aftermarket engine calibration is to safely increase power output that is left in the engine without prematurely wearing engine components. To be able to properly do this requires knowledge of the OEM’s original design goal.

The 1.4TSI was designed with different goals than the 2.0TSI engine. While the 2 engines share the naming ‘TSI’, that’s all that they share. The 1.4TSI’s design contains more advancement than Volkswagen’s 2.0TSI. Unlike the 2.0TSI, the 1.4TSI has many key differences such as;

  • The 1.4TSI is a speed density system, utilizing 2 map sensors pre/post intercooler.
  • No Intake Manifold Runner Flaps, tumble is achieved through redesign in cylinder head & piston.
  • Considerably shorter charge piping system that utilizes an air/water intercooler. This reduces lag considerably.

Most importantly, the 1.4TSI is much more efficient at creating a broader torque curve at lower engine speeds. The entire system is designed to create consistent torque and manage extreme temperatures through it’s divorced cooling system for charge air and engine coolant. The ECU is given the ability to create a peak of 1.8 bar of boost pressure that can be heavily scaled based off of not 1 but 2 charge air sensors. These 2 charge air sensors measure the intake air temperature pre and post intercooling. This gives the ECU the ability to measure efficiency of the system and maintain a very precise component protection system. With these OEM advancements, Driver Motorsport is given the ability to create a more advanced product.

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To ensure the optimum performance reliability, we recommend the following:

NGK PFR7Q Spark Plugs Gapped @ 0.028.

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